Professionals in Transition
Program Summary

In our Professionals in Transition program, you will learn how to
increase your hiring potential and focus your efforts by:
1. assessing relevant market conditions,
2. honing your job search strategy,
3. uncovering your super powers,
4. developing a strong and compelling personal brand,
5. networking for results,
6. and acing your interviews
… so you can land that next great job!

Jumpstart Package Includes:

    • 6-month access to the following online course video modules and downloadable, guided exercises:
    • Module 1: Build the Foundation
    • What does the world need and who do you want to serve? Assessing Your Big Why, Relevant Market Considerations, and Desired Outcomes Given Your Personal Circumstances
    • Module 2: Design Your Strategy
    • Design Your Job Search Strategy for Greatest Effectiveness. How to Focus Your Limited Time and Energy and Best Leverage Key Job Search Resources for Optimal Results (so that you can maintain your sanity, spirits, and energy during the job search process)
    • Module 3: Assess Your Core Strengths
    • Convince Companies that You are Exactly What the Doctor Ordered. Assess Your Core Strengths and Match to Hiring Companies’ Needs (so that you can clearly articulate your value proposition)
    • Module 4: Create Your Personal Brand
    • Create Your Unique and Compelling Personal Brand. (Including creation of a compelling Resume, Cover Letter, and online LinkedIn profile while avoiding critical pitfalls.)
    • Module 5: Networking
    • Successfully Network Your Way into Your Next Position, and Have Fun Doing It (even if you hate networking)
    • Module 6: Interviewing
    • Interview Confidently and Competently to Land That Great Offer
    • In Addition to the Online Course Modules above, you also will receive:
    • Tailored 1:1 strategy assessment Zoom call (half-hour session) so you can focus your time and efforts for maximum results
    • The Premium Package Upgrade includes everything above PLUS:
    • Personalized resume review and feedback for your core resume so you can develop a compelling personal brand
    • One additional 1:1 half-hour coaching meeting

    • The VIP Package Upgrade includes everything above Plus:
    • *Four additional personalized half-hour coaching meetings (6 total) for 3 months
    • *Personalized Offer Discernment and Negotiation Support for 3 months
    • *VIP BONUS: Accepted Offer Assurance / Extension Protection Plan
    • If you do not receive an accepted offer within the 3 months, the personalized coaching meetings and offer discernment/negotiation support may be extended for up to 3 additional months at no further charge, provided you:

      • 1) Are actively seeking employment and committing to at least 6 hours per week on job search related activity during the program period; 
      • 2) Demonstrate that you have completed all of the work within the program (e.g., completed all of the online exercises within the initial 6-week period, have maintained regular coaching calls throughout the 3 month period, and have applied all reasonable coaching recommendations provided within the agreed upon timeframes), and; are reasonably targeting jobs appropriate to your skill and experience level and have not rejected any offers that are reasonably in-line with the original search parameters you establish at the onset of the program. 
      • Program Benefits: The prospective Return on Investment for this program is quite significant. Consider this: if this program cuts even 1 week off your job search and/or bumps your total compensation by 1-2%, you will more than recoup your investment. But beyond the financial ROI, perhaps the most significant benefits will be the emotional ones as you: 1) Land a meaningful position you are excited about, with 2) Significantly lower stress and wasted effort versus the option of trying to "go it alone" in your job search.

Course Curriculum

Patrick Farran

Co-founder and CEO, Ad Lucem Group

Patrick’s 25+ years as a senior organizational leader and consultant, with specialties in change management, systems/process improvement, culture transformation, and employee engagement, spans multiple industries (professional services, government, healthcare, education, non-profits, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, high-tech, and energy), and organizations from start-ups and non-profits, to mergers and acquisitions, to established global organizations and Fortune 100’s. Prior to founding Ad Lucem Group, Patrick served as Director of Consulting for the SAS Institute serving state and local government agencies, educational institutions, and health care organizations. In addition to his work with Ad Lucem Group, Patrick currently serves as Associate Director for Graduate Business Career Development within the University of Notre Dame where he teaches and mentors students in the consulting/strategy and entrepreneurship concentrations within the full-time MBA program and serves as a mentor to start-ups through Notre Dame’s IDEA Center as well as the 1871 and Workbox start-up communities in Chicago. Patrick holds a BS in Chemistry/Mathematics Education from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, an MBA from DePaul University, and a Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability from Benedictine University’s Center for Values-Driven Leadership. Patrick researches and writes on topics of organizational change, culture transformation, work meaningfulness, and engagement. In his free time, he performs in community theatre and trains for his next triathlon.

Brett Noneman


Interviewing and negotiation can be downright scary, and the pressure is high, because it’s important that you get it right. When I interviewed for a promotion to Chief Technology Officer, it was my first C-level position and I felt WAY out of my depth. Patrick came through for me with great advice and support so that I could negotiate with confidence and land my dream job.  I would absolutely recommend him as a trusted advisor for anyone going through a professional transition.

 "Patrick Farran helped coach me through several major transitions in my career. The support he provided me has been invaluable and has helped me achieve a higher level of satisfaction in my work. Patrick helped me reach my own leadership potential by coaching me to set realistic and time-bound goals that I could attain. As a result of his coaching, I’ve learned how to research available data and advocate for myself more fully. His insights have helped me reach a higher level at work, raising my earning capacity and leadership opportunities. I’ve been able to fill roles that I previously did not realize I could achieve. Patrick leads by example as a servant-leader. He takes care of the people around him as his priority. His idea of success seems to come from being in service to others. I feel fortunate and grateful to have been blessed with having a coach like Patrick in my corner and I highly recommend his coaching services." 

Jill Stasch
Account Manager

 "Patrick’s approach is friendly and purposeful, and demonstrates the utmost professionalism. As someone who’s ‘been there,’ his previous experiences, knowledge, and willingness to provide guidance made him a great resource to bounce ideas off of while navigating the job search, having conversations with recruiters, and getting ready to get started at my new job. I definitely recommend Patrick to anyone looking to make their next career move." 

Bridgar Nayiga
Senior Consultant

 "Patrick has developed a data driven methodology and planning matrix that reduces the job transition process stress significantly. His process brings templates and client data into an easy to understand and follow process to organize the myriad of contacts, applications, companies, and networking. He provides honest and hard hitting feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. He then helps you leverage that knowledge to improve. His method of coaching you through the process, while ensuring you own the process, is great and empowers you when the stress and frustration of the entire transition weighs heavily. Not to mention, I have never seen Patrick without a cheery disposition and ready to help you plow through any obstacle." 

Robert McVay
Managing Partner

 "Having worked closely with Patrick on a number of projects, I can speak to his humble spirit, logical manner, impressive credentials, and absolute professionalism. He has a way of listening that extends beyond typical conversation and ascertaining the best method to help with each individual need. There’s never any air of condescension and he takes the time necessary to ask thought-provoking questions. I don’t trust a lot of people outside my very small family circle, but Patrick is one of them." 

Stephanie J. Salisbury
Department Coordinator

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