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How to Recession-Proof Your Job Search and Land a Great Position

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        "Interviewing and negotiation can be downright scary, and the pressure is high, because it’s important that you get it right. When I interviewed for a promotion to Chief Technology Officer, it was my first C-level position and I felt WAY out of my depth. Patrick came through for me with great advice and support so that I could negotiate with confidence and land my dream job.  I would absolutely recommend him as a trusted advisor for anyone going through a professional transition.”

        Brett Noneman, CTO


        “Patrick’s approach is friendly and purposeful, and demonstrates the utmost professionalism. As someone who’s ‘been there,’ his previous experiences, knowledge, and willingness to provide guidance made him a great resource to bounce ideas off of while navigating the job search, having conversations with recruiters, and getting ready to get started at my new job. I definitely recommend Patrick to anyone looking to make their next career move.”

        Bridgar Nayiga, Senior Consultant